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Let's Keep Fairfax Livable

"We all love Fairfax because it’s the ideal small town to raise a family or relax in our later years. I’m running to make sure it stays that way.

As the Bay Area grows, our small town is under increasing pressure to grow like any other city, but that’s not us. We cherish Fairfax’s nearby open spaces, affordability and the vibrancy or our community -- and those things are worth protecting.

Here’s what I want our Town Council to focus on:

  • Protect our open spaces, ridgelines, trees and neighborhoods from over-development, supporting modest homebuilding in line with nearby home sizes 
  • Affordable housing, including smaller starter homes, more in-fill rental units, and easing regulations and taxes to permit more ADU’s (granny units) with grant funding to make it happen
  • Inform residents about fire preparedness and evacuation in our WUI (Wildland-Urban Interface) region, with Firewise plans for every neighborhood, recommended action plans for every resident (such as video inventory property, telling kids a meeting place, having a “go bag”, etc.), expanded vegetation management, clearly-marked and solar-lit evacuation routes, and Amber Alert-style notifications — so we all know what to do in case of an emergency
  • Invest in our youth, creating a Fairfax Youth Commission to give our young people a voice in our community, along with more investments in adolescent youth, including creating new after-school programs locally so we don’t have to get in our cars
  • Restore community trust in our local government with plainly written Agenda items to be discussed at public meetings, as well as adding a second council meeting each month and improving email reports for public safety, permitting and other community concerns
  • Supporting our local-serving businesses which are facing higher rents and other rising costs, so we can preserve our downtown where we all come together as a community

We have to do all of these things if we’re going to retain our community character and keep our community healthy. 

I’ve built a career managing tough projects, navigating bureaucracy, listening to community members and building real and long-lasting relationships. I know I can do the same as your next Town Council Member. Since I left my job as Vice President of Program Management at Wells Fargo in 2017, I’ve dedicated myself full-time to being a nonprofit volunteer coordinator and an active, engaged citizen. 

I’ve attended Town Council meetings, campaigned for school funding measures and been active in my three kids’ schools. I’ve spoken up and questioned our local elected officials when I felt something needed to be said. Now I’m ready to do more.

If you care about protecting open space, affordable housing, fire safety, youth programs, more transparent community planning, and supporting our local businesses like I do, I invite you to join my campaign.

Let’s work together to keep Fairfax a livable, wonderful place to call home."


Paid for by Stephanie Hellman for Fairfax Town Council 2019
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