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The following community leaders proudly support Stephanie Hellman for Fairfax Town Council. Click here to add your name to this list.


Community Leaders

Former Fairfax Mayor Frank Egger

Former Fairfax Mayor Lew Tremaine

Former Fairfax Vice-Mayor Niccolo Caldararo

Ross Valley Sanitary District Director Pamela Meigs, RN

Ross Valley School District Trustee & Former Fairfax Councilmember Ryan O'Neil

Ross Valley School District Trustee Annelise Bauer

Tamalpais Union High School District Trustee Karen Loebbeka

Tamalpais Union High School District Trustee Kevin Saavedra

Fairfax Open Space Committee Member Charles Cornwall


North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO



I have known Stephanie for 20+ years in both a professional and personal capacity. She has always been a hard working, collaborative leader who stays true to her values. I am certain she will help bring positive change to Fairfax and proudly represent her community. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to endorse Stephanie. Fairfax is fortunate to have Stephanie as a resident and hopefully a Town Council member soon. — Todd Aronoff

A new voice- a fresh perspective- someone who will listen and we can trust. — Bert Bartsch

Stephanie will be an incredible asset to the Fairfax Town Council. I have known her for years as a parent in the RVSD. She is a strong and powerful advocate for education, families and children. Stephanie lives her values and works with integrity and skill in all that she does. It is my pleasure and honor to support her candidacy for Fairfax Town Council. — Annelise Bauer

Stephanie will bring fresh energy to our Council. She knows how to get things done and she'll give it her all. For all of us. — Deborah Benson

Highly recommended Stephanie for town council. She is thoughtful and intelligent! -Ted Chin, Kiddo! Board Member — Ted Chin

Stephanie is smart tough and truly caring. I endorse her candidacy. — Carey Clahan

I have known Stephanie Hellman for over 25 years and could not think of a better person for Fairfax Town Council. — Tanya Clark

Stephanie is an intelligent and thoughtful citizen and active member of our ever changing community. I’m confident that Stephanie can lead us on a smart and sustainable path, and will be a wonderful addition for our special town of Fairfax. — Alexandra Corr

I proudly support Stephanie Hellman for Fairfax Town Council. — Diane DiRoma

We should vote our values, which is why I proudly and confidently, without hestitation, endorse Stephanie Hellman for Fairfax Town Council. — Tanya DiRoma

I fully support and endorse Stephanie Hillman for Fairfax Town Council. This is a woman who has the applicable skills and cares. — Nelson Freeman

I have known Stephanie for over 25 years. She is a passionate, caring, and capable soul. I have utter confidence in her skills and intentions. — Ryan Henspetter, DMD

Stephanie Hellman is open-minded, smart, and community-oriented. She is a great listener and will work transparently with our community in order to make Fairfax an even greater place to live. I have gotten to know Stephanie through volunteering opportunities and she is passionate about improving anything that she is involved with. I was delighted to hear that she is putting her name forward for Fairfax Town Council and I wholeheartedly give her my endorsement. — Anna Horn Barker

Fantastic go-getter. A woman who can get things done. — Aileen Howard

I've known Stephanie for over 15 years. She will provide a fresh perspective for Fairfax, and her business expertise will help bring a higher level of professionalism for the Town Council. Not to mention that she has a wonderful, warm and engaging personality. She'll have an open mind and provide a great voice for Fairfax! — Lisa Hunt

What a blessing to have Stephanie running! I have known her for over 30 years & she would be an amazing addition to the Town Council. She has my full support! — Chelsea E. Ialeggio

You go girl! You’ve got my vote!!! — Nicole MacDonald

I’ve known Stephanie Hellman for over 30 years, from the time we became friends at Redwood High School in Corte Madera in the late 80s. Stephanie is a person of remarkable energy, compassion, professionalism and conviction. Best of all for me, she is a loyal friend. (By the by, Stephanie is also in possession of an exceptional singing voice.) I believe Stephanie will be a committed and successful Fairfax Town councilperson because she will always listen and carefully consider the varying concerns of stakeholders when weighing different sides of issues. Stephanie and her husband, Ted, are raising three children in Fairfax so she cares deeply the challenges the changing environment and world present to their community. Putting Stephanie on the town council is an excellent and proactive choice for Fairfax. — Joya Margolin

I have been on the receiving end of Stephanie’s act of volunteerism, hard work and kindness. I endorse her candidacy for Fairfax Town Council with all enthusiasm! — Emily Martin

I have known Stephanie for over 30 years. She is an intelligent, passionate, hard working, and strong leader who is committed to making her community better. I strongly endorse her for Fairfax Town Council and couldn’t think of a better candidate for this job! — Cynthia Meidroth

I worked with Stephanie on the successful Measure J campaign in 2018. Her leadership organizing voter outreach in the Ross Valley was instrumental in the success of that campaign. I expect she would bring the same effort and enthusiasm to the Fairfax Town Council. I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy. — Kevin Saavedra, Trustee, Tamalpais Union High School District

Stephanie Hellman is a dedicated, intelligent and committed person who is passionate about community. She is informed, thoughtful and pragmatic. I trust her to take our entire community into consideration as she works towards forwarding our common goals. — Danielle Salk

Stephanie is dedicated and passionate about helping others have a voice and will represent the needs of her constituents well. Her ability to listen to all sides of issues combined with a commitment to transparency will make her true asset on the Fairfax town council. — Donna Seymour, Business Owner Cucina s|a Restaurant

Stephanie's varied background in business, volunteerism and community service, will serve her constituents and the town council well. As Marin native and longtime Fairfax resident, she understands the challenging issues and varied perspectives of our community. She will provide strong leadership on issues critical to Fairfax and the unique quality of life it offers. — Jim Seymour

Vote for Stephanie Hellman for a fresh voice on the town council! — Connie Siegenthaler

Love the Youth Town Council commitment!! A lot of great assets for our youth in our town that are under utilized!! — Scott Tithof
Kim Allen
Jennifer Lieberman
Anne & Mike Altman, Owners, Iron Springs Pub & Brewery
Rachel Litwack
Scott Ammann
Doug Lloyd
Cynnie Anderson
Mickie Lloyd
Peter Anderson
Emily Longfellow
Patricia Arrigoni
Russell Marne
Rick Bagley
Millie Millar
Angela Ballard
Millie Milstead
Janan Baradaran
Marla Murphy
Michael Bauernfeind
Eleanor Murray
Terra Chamberlin
Cari Napoles
Natalie Chapman
Chris Nelson
Laura Childress
Caisa Nilsson
Brad Clark
Katja O'Brien
Michelle Cox
Dr. Joseph Odom OMD
Liz di Carpegna
Heidi Oelman
Jennifer Doucette
Jen Oliver
Kathy Flores
Kris Organ
Amy Flynn
Laralei Paras
Ian Flynn
Erin Peoples
Michael Fugazzotto
Andrew Popell
Jennifer Ginsburg
Judith Rainin
Marcy Ginsburg
Sydney Rainin-Smith
Michael Ginsburg
James Rice
Robin Goldman
Dana Ritter
Stephanie Goldsborough
Kari Saunders Chao
Lisa Graham
Donna Seymour
Brenna Gubbins
Anastasia Sheldon
Otis Guy
Ann Sheldon
Lauren Hamblet
Nicki Silva
Jennifer Hanley
Dana Shell Smith
Karen Hellman
Nora Smith
Ted Hellman
Zamira Solari
Theodore Hellman
Dana Steele
Christy Hinkelman
Emily Stock
Lynn Hollis
Genise Swain
June Holmberg
Sandra Torrente
Valeri Hood
Christina Van Der Plas
Kirk Kepley
Carol Visalli
Linda Kepley
Jere Visalli
Dana Kindig
Rachel Weil
Blake Knier
Melanie Wellbeloved
John Korty
Bruce & Dale Wheeler
Denise Larsen
Anne White
Laura H. Lee
Rich Winter
Allison Leeds
Mark Woodrow
Jennifer Lefferts
Lynn Yetter
Bonnie Leonard
Amie Yudice
David Leonard
Millie Zinman

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